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Garrison - A Menards' Exclusive - SMOKE 7291478

Garrison is a revolutionary sheet vinyl flooring that offers unique performance benefits with extra durability and comfort, water resistance and easy installation. Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly and FloorScore certified, Garrison contributes to good indoor air quality and human health.
Key features
Technical and environmental specifications
Surface treatment: Urethane (Low Gloss)
Total thickness: 0.085 " (2.15 mm)
Wear layer thickness: 20 mil (0.50 mm)
Installation method: Glue-Down/Loose-Lay
Format Type: Roll
Roll (1 SKUs)
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Technical & Environmental Specifications

For additional information please contact the appropriate Technical Team: Commercial Resilient: +1 800 899 8916, Commercial Soft Surface: +1 800 248 2878, or All Residential Products: +1 888 639 8275.

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